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Welcome to oqp.ru, our little URL abode,
Where shortening links is our main code,
But before you start, we have a few rules,
To keep our site free from the web's dark pools.

Short links to scams, phishing, and spam,
Are strictly forbidden, we give no damn,
We're here to shorten links, not to deceive,
So follow this rule, and you'll never grieve.

We'll never share your data, or sell it for gain,
Your privacy is our priority, it's our main aim,
We'll keep your links short, and safe from harm,
So use our site with ease, without any alarm.

By using oqp.ru, you agree to these terms,
We're here to make your link shortening firm,
If you have any questions, just give us a shout,
We're here to help, without any doubt.
Last Edited on 2023-06-03