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Photobanks (microstocks)

Perharps you were asked by a question - how to earn on the Internet?

If you take a great interest in a photo, or not bad draw vector illustrations, you can transform your hobby into earnings on the Internet: to earn money for sale of photos (or illustrations) - to sell a photo by means of the photobanks. Many photographers use this opportunity to earn on a photo.
Photos in photobanks are on sale under the symbolical price of 1-6 dollars, depending on the size, but great volume of the income is reached by recurrence of sales of the same photos.

For example, the nice photo Summer landscape is sold already> 4500 times. For high earnings on the Internet it is desirable to lay out the order of thousand, or even some hundreds photos on photobanks with the highest break-even sales level Shutterstock or Istockphoto.

Work in a network with photobanks - not simply additional earnings to the photographer, and a variant use of a photo as an opportunity to earn on the photos some thousand dollars a month. All that is required to you - the digital camera with the sanction from 4 Mpx, a computer, access to the Internet (it is desirable, ADSL or the allocated line). It is very interesting kind of the removed work on the Internet. In the long term you can waste time not for boring work with 8 up to 17, and on interesting travel to the different countries during which to make pictures, and after returning home - to spread them in photobanks. After that each photo laid out on sale starts to earn for you money, repeatedly being on sale during unlimited time. In process of growth of quantity of the photos laid out on sale, your earnings accordingly will grow also.

Subjects are demanded: business, people, health, sports, subject shooting. Subjects are not demanded: flowers, cats, dogs, a kind from a window of the plane, a wood.
ТОП-50 The most sold pictures on the most profitable photobank Shutterstok.
Here what photos are necessary or not necessary to photobank Istockphoto.

At a choice of composition, do not forget a rule of golden section. It will assist you to create the true picture - best seller - to earn in a photo of thousand dollars.

If you are the designer - you can easily choose a suitable photo in photobank and to purchase a photo or an illustration for the symbolical price, having provided with that legality in observance of the copyright.

The list of photobanks

a.) the photobanks having a high break-even sales level and allowing to receive high earnings

In these photobanks serious entrance examination: it is necessary to give the best photos, various on subjects, for an estimation of your level. Fortunately, on quantity(amount) of attempts of restrictions is not present. As quality check of photos occurs at 100% scale, there is a sense to compress photos till minimally admissible size (For Shutterstock - 4 Mpx.) Only after successful passage of examination it is possible to start sale of photos. If you want to sell photos which have been given on examination - load them again since examination photos in itself on sale will not rise. If you count on a high level of the income, necessarily lay down the aim: to hand over entrance examination even in one of these photobanks. The Break-even sales level of photos in these photobanks considerably above, than in others.
  • Shutterstock - the leader on profitableness of sales of a photo. Entrance examination - 10 photos, 7 should be approved. Next attemp is admissible not earlier, than in month, unlimited quantity of times.
    Feature of this photobank is sale of photos on a subscription. The buyer pays 199 $ in a month and has the right to load 25 pictures daily. Such system of sales stimulates buyers on a regular basis to do(make) many loadings that provides high earnings to photographers.
    Attention! In connection with the increased demand for videoclips to start to sell the videoclips on this photobank now it is possible without delivery of examination works. Do not miss this opportunity to begin work with Shutterstok. The prices for videoclips much above, than in a photo - up to 199 $ for a clip, author's - 30 %. For a video shooting it is desirable to use a support, it promotes that the clip will be approved.
  • Istockphoto. Entrance examination - 3 photos. The highest requirements to quality and subjects. Consideration of works for the first time usually borrows(occupies) some days, at repeat exam - within a day. To retake it is possible though at once, some time, yet will not hand over.

    b.) photobanks with which it is easy to begin cooperation

    In them there are no entrance examinations, but the break-even sales level will enable you to earn on the photos. Having worked with them, it is possible to select photos which it is possible to give for entrance examinations on other photobanks.
  • Dreamstime. Examination is not present. It is exacting enough to quality, but the photos placed on it allow to earn in addition money. This photobank does not send on e-mail the message on each sale of a photo, therefore I firstly underestimated its(his) potential, thinking, that on it photos are not on sale. Therefore, having laid out ten photos, has stopped. However, having come on a site of photobank later time, has been pleasantly surprised by the collected earnings:)
  • Fotolia. Without examination, only the simple test, basically on a theme of the copyright. An ideal variant for the beginning works with photobanks as its(his) requirements to photos are loyal enough. Photos periodically are on sale and give additional earnings. The information on sales is sent on yours e-mail.

    c.) Photobanks which were not untwisted yet up to a high break-even sales level but in which there is a sense to be registered

    To start to work with these photobanks simply: in them or there is no entrance examination, or it is possible to hand over this examination really from the first. There is a sense to expose in them on sale pair tens photos as in the future, in case of increase in a break-even sales level, introductory requirements at them most likely will increase.
  • 123rf. Simple examination, 10 photos.
  • Canstockphoto. Simple examination, 3 photos.
  • - Russian photobank Lori.

    d.) Other photobanks. With examinations.

  • Luckyoliver. Examination, 3 photos.
  • Galastock. Examination, 10 pictures.
    At registration on photobanks take care of not forgetting logins and passwords to them, and as to payment systems and to e-mail, specified at registration. I would recommend all logins and passwords accurately to write down in Document Microsoft Word and to keep with the password: the Menu the File - Save as...- Service - Parameters of safety - the password for opening a file. One password to remember easier, than many. This file keep on different computers or send a copy to itself on mail, having left on a server. You will provide with that reliability of preservation of access to the accounts, even in case of crash of a computer, etc. During registration photobanks send the letter for confirmation of correctness e-mail. Do not forget it to open and confirm. If your electronic box on a free-of-charge post server, can turn out so, that the letter from photobank will get in a folder Dispatches and a spam. Take care of finding this letter and to confirm the e-mail.

    Details on sale of photos.

    The photobank takes to itself a part from the obtained means. If you give to photobank эксклюзиное the right to sale of a photo your share can increase.

    To some photobanks reqwire to send a scan of yours ID (the identification document) - pages of your passport (an optimum variant) or the driver's license on which your surname is written by latin letters. The document accurately photograph and send through a site of photobank. On your name transfers of the means earned by you will be made. Therefore, at registration specify true data as it is written in the passport.

    All photos should be in JPG a format, in the maximal quality. Thus 6-mpx photo weighs about 3 Mb, depending on the image. Use Photoshop for color correction and a retouch. And also for filling data-fields of JPG-file (title, description, keywords): menu File - File info. Title - the name of a photo, up to 30 symbols. Description - the description of a photo, not less than 7 words. Keywords - about 50 words. The quantity of sales of a photo will depend On them. When you upload photos on photobank, data-fields are automatically taken from a JPG-file, and you should not enter this information separately for each photobank.

    Photos of people which can be found out on a photo, should be accompanied by the written approval of the shoted person - Model Release. It is possible to download a samples on sites of photobanks.

    Check quality of photos in Actual Pixeles mode. Photos should be correctly exhibited, sharp. There should not be artefacts - digitizations of semitones and the repeated contours appearing at poor-quality JPG-compression. Therefore, remove and keep a photo in the maximal quality, and at processing in Photoshop - as 12. There should not be noise, therefore photographing should be carried out with the minimal photosensitivity.

    Shooting of separate subjects is better for making on a is pure-white background. If a subject too light - that on absolutely black. Only not on color.

    It is impossible to spread repeatedly the same photo differing only by colors.

    Upload photo is possible both through the http-form, and through FTP-access that is more convenient. After Upload it is necessary to come on a site of photobank into the account and to nominate headings for uploaded photos (Finish upload). After that the photo becomes in turn on check (Pending). As a result of check of a photo or is accepted, and the letter on this comes, or the photo deviates, and the photobank sends the letter with an explanation of the reason of refusal (noise, wrong focusing, an exposition). Don't worry, the decent share of refusals is a normal phenomenon. The opinion of inspectors frequently happens subjectively. Happens, that one photobank will accept one half of photos, and another - another... Sometimes happens, that the best seller becomes a photo which other photobanks for some reason have not accepted.

    For increase in sales of photos use such tools of photobanks, as Gallery and Lightbox. Each photobank has the search system which searches for words of search inquiry in fields title, description and keywords photos. Try to position the photos on the first positions by search on keywords peculiar to them. Analyze results of search of the photobanks, what photos photobank recommends to look in addition when the buyer looks through a current photo. Unite thematically the photos, and also the most popular another's photos in galleries. On a regular basis supplement photogallery that users came into yours gallery is more often - many photobanks make an emphasis in new photos at sorting results of search.

    As you can see, work not the most simple, but interesting. In process of growth of amount of your laid out photos, your earnings on the Internet will grow approximately in an arithmetic progression. The conclusion of means from photobanks is possible the sums from 75..100 $ and above.

    Payment systems through which you can receive the money resources obtained from sale of your photos. With them photobanks work practically all

  • Moneybookers - the international payment system. Does not demand greater efforts and expenses of time for registration and work. There is a convenient conclusion of means from Moneybookers on a plastic card with the subsequent cashing in in any cash dispense. This system - an optimum variant for reception of the money earned on photobanks.
  • PayPal - world payment system PayPal. One of the most popular in the world.
    The third way - a banker's check.

    Successful cooperation with photobanks!